together we can do it

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This isn't the typical prog blog with a password because I want it to be open to everyone. If you choose to follow thanks for the support. Maybe follow my personal?:


now time to keep calm & think of the goal<3 Now that you know me, you should follow me, or you could get to know me, Ask me anything. Looking for something?

500 calories a day and no eating past 5. i will regain control. this is my body, and my soul. i will do this.

i’m sorry i’ve been ignoring this blog a bit. i’ve been trying to ignore all my problems, but now i feel like they’re all coming back.

hey sweetie :) the 100 workout burns 240 kcal more or less.. hope it helps

oh thanks! 

ate nothing since yesterday but i just binged on chicken nuggets. WHY.

i want them to talk about me. i want people to worry about how much weight i’ve lost.

Doing whatever until this weekend then South Beach Fri-Sun. Then from this Monday to the next max 900 cal a day & hour of exercise

My 5’7” or taller weight loss girlies, please reblog so I can follow you all!! I can’t find you! x